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Auckland Bikefit was started by renowned Bike Fitter Craig Baldwin,

Craig has been working in and around the cycling industry for over 20 years, his expertise has taken him all over the world including working with the UK’s most respected Bike fit specialists, Cyclefit in London working with some of the worlds top pro cyclists and triathletes.

Craig has been a bike fit technician for around 14 years and is also a very experienced bicycle mechanic, Craig is never shy of a challenge and every person that he works with is treated like the important individual that they are


Craig has made riding more efficient and comfortable for more than 5000 cyclists around the globe with his proven bike fit process.

If you are unsure which fit to book or wish to talk through your options please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Mountain Bike Fit - Auckland - New Zealand
Getting a bike fit for your Mountain Bike has never been more important

With varying geometry, wheel sizes and so many different styles of riding fine tuning your MTB position has become as important as set ups for the roadies.
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Looking to purchase a new bike?

Get Fitted Before You Buy

Step one

Perform a pre purchase fit to determine the exact geometry to suit your body.

Step two

Build a virtual bike on screen using our unique CAD software to determine your ideal top tube angle, number of headset spacers and correct stem length.

Step three

Narrow down bike selection to closest fitting models and or brands that fit within your budget, we will run through different specs, colors etc and give you good overview of each bike, we will even point you in the right direction of an authorised dealer of your preferred brand.

Step four

Once you have chosen your new bike it is time to perform a post purchase fit, this involves fine tuning our existing pre purchase set up, things such as altering saddle height to work with new pedal and shoe combos or altering the handlebar angle to reduce pressure on the arms.

Step five

Go riding and enjoy

Bike Fit Studio Auckland NZ
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Please support us and help us grow within the worldwide cycling community by subscribing to our YouTube channel. We will be looking at posting regular helps and tips videos aswel as product reviews from all your top cycle brands.

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Bike CAD Drawing - Find your ideal bike frame size

I think that the question i hear most from my clients is "What frame size will i be"?
The answer should be simple or so you would think, the general answer from your local bicycle retailer will more often than not be "you look around a Medium or you will be a large" Seems pretty straight forward when looking from the outside in.

All manufacturers nowadays have such varied geometry which means finding the correct one for your particular body type can be a quite challenging. We have been drawing up custom Bike CAD drawings for our Fit clients for several years now, we are now offering this service to everybody. If you are happy with your fit and are looking at ideal bikes to suit then we can help. First think i will need to do is check your current set up angles to ensure that your position is adequate, you can do this by sending me a side on pic with your leg at the bottom of the pedal stroke and also by sending me your bike set up measurements.

Purchase a Bike CAD online Here

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Hi Craig, Bike feels great. Since seeing you I have been able to conquer: Taupo Cycle Challenge, Hautacam, Col du Tormalet, Col d'Aubisque, Alpe D Heuz, Mont Vontoux, Col D Izoard and a few others.. I might get a new bike next year. cheers
Hi Craig, Just wanted to say thanks for the bike fit on Saturday. Got out for an 85km ride yesterday and the bike was largely fantastic. It felt like it was 15 - 20% easier and smoother to pedal, despite the really windy conditions. Will take a few more rides to get used to standing up with the new handlebars and stem but confident that will come in time and also when that longer stem is fitted. Footbeds are feeling great and combined with the cleat adjustments, correction of those angles and seat height it's a significantly better experience. ITB's feel much less strained also. I learned a lot about cycling this weekend and now feel much more in control, with only a couple small areas left to focus on as the 11th of December draws closer.
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Every month we will be adding a different topic relating to many cycling related issues, please read through the articles and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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