Cleat Wedges

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Many people who cycle would benefit greatly from the use of an angled cleat wedge or two.

What is a cleat wedge? A cleat wedge is a small angles spacer that sits between your cleat and shoe, these can be angled to the inside or outside of your foot depending on the amount of natural forefoot tilt you have in the foot.

How do I know if I need a cleat wedge or if I need more than one?
I use a forefoot measuring device to accurately pinpoint the exact number of wedges a client may need but if you are at home and wondering if you may need wedges then here are a few things you can check.

• The first thing is do you ever suffer from any knee pain?
• Secondly do you have bad knee alignment,ie kick out or in when you pedal?
• Thirdly do you feel pressure on the outside of your foot when you cycle?

It may also be worth checking underneath the front part of your pedal where the cleat clicks in as this area will have noticeable wear on it and if you have forefoot tilt will likely be wearing much more on one side than the other.

The process of diagnosis for cleat wedging is actually very simple

Depending on how much forefoot tilt you actually have we may need to stack up more than one wedge

We can use external or internal wedges to get the required result